Food User eXperience. Quite simply we are going to provide you with ideas, tips, recipes and hacks to make your food experience better.

Sourcing the right ingredients

we’re here to provide pointers when it comes to buy great produce, equipment or those hard to find ingredients.

The creative approach to experimentation

This is not just about a series of recipes, things to follow. This is about learning how to get the best from your ingredients and how to prepare them.

It is also as much about experimentation and what goes with what, what works and what doesn’t.

A resource for whats trending

We give provide you with all the relevant snippets of information which may enhance your recipe/cooking skills.

Our Passion at Food UX

This is mainly about outdoor cooking over wood or charcoal, the choice of products is vast but we are a bit biased and after 30 years of trying almost every type of grill, most manufacturers, we know that the Kamadoe Joe is the most versatile, high quality piece of kit we have had. You can, roast, grill, bake and sear. Literally it is THE most versatile cooking appliance. That is why we sell them. I always am up for a challenge and if anyone wants to challenge me to cook anything in it then please get in touch and let me know. It can be done.

Recipes for all to enjoy and master

We don’t have any cast iron guarantees that everything will work every time. But good food is about enjoyment, a bit of alchemy, a bit of luck, great ingredients and when it all comes together and you get spectacular results to share with friends and family.

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