Chillies - A Brief Introduction

This is a broad group of fruits and covers everything from the bell pepper right up to the hybrid superhot chillies grown by Pete at and everything in between.

As well as the difference in heat, there is a wide variation in the flavour and colours of different chillies. The same chilli even has a different flavour when fresh to when it is dried, often becoming more intense when dried. A Naga chilli for example when eaten raw is so powerful and can stop you in your tracks, but when cooked develops a sweet nutty flavour.

Different chillies will be grown according to intended use. There are as many uses as there are chillies. But worldwide, they are used to perk up a dish, add a bit of colour and that all important heat.

How hot is too hot

How much heat, again this is a personal thing, like a lot of the themes around food. We have all seen people on YouTube suffering in pain eating what they think is a hot chilli, but Episode 2 of We Are The Champions on Netflix, is a whole new world. Caution, there is some bad language on this clip but. These people just have abnormal physiology or something important missing.

Back to normality. Spicing up our favourite dishes, from India, to Mexico, to Thailand, China, America, Brazil, Portugal and beyond. It is used all over the world and in vast quantities.

In the UK, certainly the further North you go, you will get the best results from growing them in a greenhouse. If we are ever lucky enough to have a long sunny summer again, that will be a good chilli growing year.

We will be selling our chillies, fresh, vacuum packed and sent out first class, signed for, so there is a postage cost, but we are confident that the quality of mixed chillies will keep you coming back for more.

Uses for Chillies. Where do you start?

Fresh Chillies for Sale when in Season

Coming later this summer will be;
Apache, Ancho, Hungarian Hot Wax, Jalapeno, Aribibi Gusano – Caterpillar Chillies, Fuego, Serrano, Orange Wonder, Jamaican, Birds eye, Facing Heaven, Kashmiri, Fresno, Annaheim, Fatali and Naga (if they happen.

Please register your interest here and we will contact you as they become available.

Chilli sauce suppliers we recommend

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Neema Foods

Neema Foods make delicious African hot sauces for marinading or simply adding.

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