F*CK That’s Delicious. With Action Bronson

Beware bad language. If you think of a more grown up and extreme version of Diners, Drive ins and Dives (Triple D)  with Guy Fieri, which has some how managed to last 30 odd seasons and here you can find every place he has been to, good or bad

Back to Action Bronson, yes that is his name. He is a musician and a chef. Lucky enough to mix 2 great loves of his life into one hectic show.

You can watch it all on Vice https://video.vice.com/en_uk    or on Sky channel 183, just make sure there aren’t any impressionable young people around, but to be honest they have probably seen it all before. It has been described as appalling TV by some, he has been described as having no manners, and many other things. But they are into their 4th series, with high ratings so things cant be that bad can they?

Anyway, Mr Bronson used to be a chef in his native New York, then became a rapper. The programme is a mixture of little bits of his gigs, followed by a little bit of culture (very little) and then heading to some of the best food spots, as recommended by fans in the cities they tour in all over the world. Lots of swearing. Lots of drinking, more swearing and smoking things that don’t quite look like fags. Then more swearing.

But most of all eating lots of interesting stuff.

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