Meat Free BBQ is not a guilt free BBQ

BBQ season is all year round for some people, but for the majority it only happens when the sun is shining.

Greta Thunberg is coming to my BBQ

If you are going to invite Greta Thunberg to a plant based BBQ, you may as well serve a dish of raw vegetables. She wont be happy at that either. Unless you have grown it all yourself.

Everyone is concerned about our carbon footprint and we all have a responsibility to treat our environment in a responsible way.

Firing up your grill, be it gas, wood or charcoal. All carry a CO2 price tag. But so does turning on your oven in the house, turning on the hob. Running the hot tap, Sending an email. Checking in on Facebook or Instagram, in fact any kind of electronic activity uses storage somewhere and those giant server farms don’t power themselves. Opening a can of sparkling drinks, alcoholic or not. You can’t do anything without generating CO2, literally nothing.

What you can do is be more responsible and offset. Be energy efficient. Buy local, buy in season and if you are eating meat, get down to the butchers and get some locally reared meat.

In his informative article in the Sunday Times he manages to lift a lid with the help of Professor Sarah Bridle. So basically everything we eat has a carbon cost, most people knew that right? Seemingly not. There is a carbon cost to almost everything we do and because it isn’t belching vast plumes of smoke it is invisible. It is also when things are done at scale that even small things can make an impact. Even a cup of tea or coffee. Its only a cup, one cup. In the UK, so Google tells me, we consume 100 million cups of tea a day, which has a carbon footprint of 20g, before you boil the kettle, which if you use the right amount of water is 6g of CO2, so in total 26g of CO2 x 100million cups of tea a day is a staggering 67,000 Kgs of CO2. That number is just tea. Instant coffee is apparently 17g of CO2 per gram.

Steak and Methane

A 250g steak however has accounted for 11.5Kg of CO2. But I don’t drink 5 cups of tea a day.

Breathing, just stop breathing, dont go anywhere, don’t eat anything.

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