Music – because when people get together music follows

Whether you are chopping, slicing, dicing, firestarting, cooking, drinking or eating, as we all know some great tunes can just about nail the moment. 

We might not all be able to play an instrument or master Ableton Live, but as humans we like to think of most of us as cultured in some way and most people enjoy music of some sort. Music is part of cultures Worldwide. Music is present at weddings, funerals, it brings people together as a leveller and a means to bring down barriers. It is pretty universal. Apart from Art Galleries, they don’t have Music.

Artists/ playlists we recommend:

Boral Kibil

Of French/Turkish origins, his ability in combining the culture from the countries of his upbringing with his unique style make for a refreshing addition to the crowded EMD space. He has topped the iTunes charts and had great international success. Never heard of him, you have now.

Roxy Music

This Album just oozes coolness, released in 1974, it sounds like it was released last week

Pete Herbert (Bandcamp)

A timeless mix of the best in coolness

Music for swimming pools

Music for swimming pools is quite simply a high quality, uninterrupted music stream, the kind you would relax next to a pool with, chill at a beach bar with, chop your salad with, sit and watch the coals with a drink in one hand and a pair of tongs in the other.

Groove Armada

Back to their very best with this incredible studio album.

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