Corn On the Cob

Get you grill to 230-250 degrees c and create an indirect zone.

Do you need to make up any herb butter. Best you do this part first. Its just butter with whatever you want blended in to it.

Garlic and Parsley. Chilli. Salt and Pepper. Basil. Coriander. Chipotle paste.

Normally this would be marking the end of the British summer, when we have one that is.

Corn in its husks are best, they naturally protect the kernels on the inside and steam them. Simply chuck them on the indirect zone for 15-20 mins. Check on them and move them around so they get even heat distribution.

When you are ready, peel the husks back and put the now naked cobs on the direct part of the grill until you have the desired amount of colouring.

Put them on a serving dish and put your herb or spiced butter on, let it melt a bit, get a napkin and off you go.

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Adjust Servings
Garlic and parsley
Salt (for taste)
Pepper (for taste)
Chipotle paste
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