Pulled Pork

Set your grill up for indirect cooking and stabilise the temperature at 125 degrees C.

This basic recipe can be adapted for chicken, turkey, or slow roasting beef joints. You want to end up with that rich unctuous, but moist meat that is just falling apart.

This is for approximately 2.5kg meat

Mix together 2 tsp each smoked paprika, ground cumin, pepper, and brown sugar, plus 1 tsp salt. Or a mix of herbs and spices of your own choosing. Rub into the meat ensuring a good covering.

Put the pork in a dutch oven or oven tray, not aluminium and not glass, skin-side up, add 500ml of beer or cider.

Cover with a lid or cover the tray with foil and cook indirect for anywhere between 4 and 8 hrs until falling apart. Check every few hours in case it gets dry – if it does, add more liquid.

Use this time wisely, stock the fridge, prepare your sides, then cut the grass, re-stock the fridge, put some tunes on and read the paper.

When it is ready, take it out and put the meat in a big dish, leaving the liquid in the casserole.

Remove the skin and discard unless you want to make crackling out of it, then shred the meat using two forks. Remove any fatty bits or grisltly bits, and spoon any fat off the surface of the sauce.

Add 250ml of a good homemade BBQ sauce to the juices, give it a good stir, then ladle some into a bowl for dipping.

Put the pulled pork back in the dish with the juices so it stays moist. 

Best eaten with friends and a glass of cold cider such as Thatchers Cider Barn Redwood.

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