What? Yes Sherry. Or more correctly Xerez is often described as one of the Worlds best kept secrets.

A much under used ingredient. Even laughed at. The UK is the largest export market for Spain. So exactly where does it all go? I have no idea. I am not sure we always get the good stuff. A lot of what we find on the selves in most supermarkets is blended and made for the UK market.

Drinks go in and out of fashion and seem to have a transitional hierarchy. No one is quite sure which drink sits where at the moment because at the time of writing this all the bars and restaurants are closed save for takeaway and delivery.

But when was the last time you saw someone drink a sherry, never mind ask for one by name. Sherry isn’t even on the radar, certainly not solo! Not in the UK anyway, a few select bars yes, but on the whole no!

Sherry cocktails are another proposition altogether. To some people they would look at you aghast if you suggested such a thing. But making a good cocktail and substituting one ingredient for Sherry that is equally complimentary in taste is the mark of a skilled barperson.

Next time you are in a pub or bar just ask them if they have any sherry. If they do, please let us know where it is and what they are selling and we will add them to the list, extra marks if they know how to serve it and they didn’t have to dust the bottle off.

The best of what we rarely find on supermarket shelves is from a producer called Lustau. Good drinks retailers will have produce from other Bodegas such as Fernando De Castilla. They are a modern producer firmly grasping the history of the region and maintaining the traditional values and techniques to produce what is outstanding produce

Drinking chilled Fino over Ice, or Manzanilla. Palo Cortado. All Stunning on their own but equally good in a cocktail. These Classic Sherry Cocktails are an ideal starting point to try a long and a short cocktail. You will be surprised. Please send us your comments or any other cocktails you have made that we should know about.

By the way, do you have any idea hoe difficult it is to take picture of a drink and make it look good. These pictures are not great but, the drinks are very good.

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