Tips & Tricks: Residual Heat

It needs to be considered,and given due consideration particularly when cooking beef, lamb, venison and other meats that you don’t want overcooked.

Taking meat from the grill, it is still hot and it will continue to cook. Taking it off a 275 degree heat source, it does not cool and stop cooking immediately. While it is still warm, it is still cooking.

If you are needing the internal temperature to be precise, for medium steak for example, use a probe thermometer and feel the meat. How tender is it, how much does it give when you press a finger into it. Over time and as your experience grows you will be able to gauge it pretty well.

We have all seen a steak or joint of beef or lamb cut and the juices running all over the board, the longer you leave it the more there is. Flavour just leaking away. Like this, some might sa,y is a juicy steak. Well it was until it all leaked out.

When its done, its done, take it off, cut it up and eat it. It can do all the resting it needs in your stomach.

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