Tips & Tricks: Smoking, very briefly

Meat not drugs or fags or anything else you shouldn’t be.

Smoking meat can totally transform a piece of meat and with a bit of practice you will become an expert and wow your friends with your new found skills.

You will need a lid for this

Quite simply the bigger the piece of meat the longer is will need to be smoked for. For a 3-5 kg joint of meat, a piece of wood roughly the size of a house brick, split into 3 or 4 pieces is fine. If you like more smoke flavour, add more wood. It is also something you have to do at low temperature 80-140 degrees. Any hotter and you will create acrid smoke and whatever you are cooking will become bitter.

Do not use pine or any conifers at all. This produces harsh acrid smoke.

Most hardwoods will work. Oak and Beech are great also fruit woods such as apple, cherry.

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