Tips & Tricks: You have to have a bit of fat

It carries flavour and helps prevent the meat from drying out in the cooking process. No one wants to eat a lump of fat. I have seen people do it and wonder how.

However a chicken breast for example is almost devoid of fat and prone to being dry. No matter how gently you grill them. The same could be said for a lean, trimmed steak that might be sold as such for health reasons. It might be very nice but it isn’t much good on a grill, it will dry out. Jump to a Wagyu steak and you have something that looks almost like a block of lard. What we have here is intramuscular fat.

Cooked correctly, the flavour is intense. And it is stunning. You just wouldn’t want to eat a lot of it. The fat you have on your traditional steak is extramuscular.

What you need is a good balance of lean meat, intra and extra muscular fat

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