Great Berwick Burger

Get your grill to at least 225 degrees, you need to be in the sear zone  create an indirect area

This makes 5 x 200g burgers or 10 x 100g burgers (double burger bap). Who doesn’t like a really good juicy burger. You need a bit of fat to carry the flavour and to also prevent it from drying out.

1 kg of Great Berwick organic minced Beef 10-15% fat content. Available from . Of course, other minced beef will do, but the grass fed beef they produce at Gt Berwick farm is outstanding.

Salt to taste, Pepper to taste

Optional extras. It is your burger, what do you like. Chipotle paste works really well as does a spoonful of BBQ sauce per burger, mixed in evenly into the minced beef.

Or any other flavours you love.

Mix all the ingredients together, easy. What ever you do don’t pound the minced beef or run it through a mixer.

Weigh 200g of organic beef mixture and either using your hands or a burger press, form your burger. Not too much pressure, you want the meat to be able to move as it cooks. If it is pressed too tight, it will feel more dense. Not too little or it will fall through your grill bars.

Ensuring your grill is at least 225 degrees Celsius, place your burgers on direct heat using a burger slice, leave until you can lift without breaking the burger. Then turn and patiently wait for the other side to do the same. For thick burgers, once they are seared, you can move them to the indirect part of your grill.

Once off the grill dress and eat as you desire ,sit back, enjoy every mouthful of your Great Berwick Organic Beef Burger!

This one has sliced mixed quick pickles, chilli gherkins and a slice of Comte, served in a demi sourdough bun.

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Adjust Servings
1kg Great Berwick organic minced Beef
Salt (for taste)
Pepper (for taste)
Optional - Chipotle paste | BBQ sauce
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